Zytenz Toronto

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worker in his own line — laboratory research ; and

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ent, nevertheless it had seemed to him that certain

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The abdomen was much distended and contained a large

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hif'h intensity. The author has experimented on rabbits and

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here are the same as in the case of a foreign body in the arm or leg,

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in a government, when the latter becomes weak, rises and seizes con-

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a few mounted scouts, as the country contained guer-

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ner, Dr. Griscom. The occasion was one of much pleasure to all the

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e Surgeon General, ^' attended with frequent attacks of inflammation

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colour. It is probable, that prolonged contact with the bile causes

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the body. In some they may be seen on the neck and face, on the arms and

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room of the New York American Veterinary College, 141 West

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so that it was quite sharp. In the course of six months that whole corner

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the same ia the production of extreme anaemia and unfit-

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The operation of clitoridectomy as a means of mitigating

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The commands are executed as in par. 293, but by inverse means.

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its forms, baths, douches, massage, inhalations, nursing, etc., are provided as

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fingers close to one another ; then tie, with a piece of cord,


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it should be placed in the median line, but as in most animals it is

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muscular atrophy, to favor the resorption of infiltra-

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