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and should be familiar with current trends in microsurgery

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use of Carlsbad waters not only lessens the richness

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which greatly increases the almost agonizing pain in the

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autohorn or large wooden rattle which is sounded as soon as

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meat with a nauseous compound like carbolic acid, which would enable

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was a succession of salient pictures, never tedious from

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with ulceration of the stomach and dilated heart, in Case III. ;

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hardly remind you that a person in perfect health going into a

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chance of natural recovery, and there is no danger of inter-

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ever} 7 two, three or four hours for a few doses; this is one of the best

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under-garment, and the poor soldier's life was saved. *

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By clinical instruction, is meant, instruction at the bed side of the sick ;

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umbilicus to the pubes, became resonant and the area of liver

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In a sixth case (tumour affecting the left side of the cerebellum and pons)

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or condition following heat- or sun-stroke. The toxic states which

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the obstruction, and it must remain for the present a

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be enabled to throw off, or even materially mitigate, in the

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spasmodic contractions of the muscles of deglutition and of ordinary

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covered rapidly. During thefje attacks he complained

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