Zenerx Trial

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in relation to Putrefaction and Infection. With 24 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo,
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A few of the London hospitals are endowed, supported by
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of reference tables and other data useful for the pharmacist and analyst ;
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recent number of my Clinical Studies (vol. v. p. 279).
zenerx trial
By Philip Cowen, M.R.C.S.L , L.S.A., Resident Medical Officer
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excreted. Hence, by increased irritation from the forced elimin-
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fall of the temperature. The nephritis does not manifest itself
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secretion and discharges, debility, pains in the back and lower part
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gle member of that municipality and counts more in promoting the
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no perceptible disturbance of any part of the cerebro-spinal system.
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ranchmen of Southern Utah, Western Nevada and a strip of
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and was found to communicate with the larynx. The wounds were
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He took his degree ol M.D. in 1847, and in the same year went
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ing proceits has fairly set in, and the patient suffers little or no discomfort, he
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stomach after eating. Drink 2^ pints. Urine 3 pints daily. R.
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" One farmer may easily eradicate it from his swine, but, so long
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It was hoped that by this device the sphincter made
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office of a general emunctory for the system at large, and represented the dis-
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diagnosis ; and, finally, the greater liability to the
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the State Medical Societies in New England living within those States, both
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had shrunk to one-half of its usual size ; thinking that the
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was packed with lint, and over it a shot-bag was placed,
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the whole ground of the inquiry. Attention was therefore called to the follow-
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water to the necks, put the boiler on the fire and allow to boil ;

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