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desist. He has observed from time to time, especially when fixing

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nerves constituting the cerebro- spinal system, and the ganglia and con-

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course of the muscular paralysis, and requires no especial

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investigation. And this brings us to our own conclusions :

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sions in iron hematoxylin stain. The nucleus has a subcentral granule

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is sudden. Some are attacked while at work; some awakened from sleep

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west of Iskardo, or towards the desert of Gobi described also as

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and keeping the temperature at 0°. The salt dissolved rapidly, and

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He said that two pieces of iron could not be welded

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in an increase in the force and frequency of its beat.

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This bandage, external to the splints, was used instead of

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▼ Jbid. pag, in. k Noortwvk de utero gravido, pag. 119.

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German reader, would be likel) u> throw them down in des]

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their influence excess of inflammatory action may be reduced,

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catch the ends and sew them, and bathe with healing applications, as

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& Stoughton (Oxford Medical Publications). 1918. Price

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be judged from observation of cases of bullet wounds in which the

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acter of crops will determine which are most to be feared.

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available. Transvenous embolization has been described as

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analyzed be sent to the State laboratory by the inspector in

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Jisxuri; the spasmodic or involuntary contraction of

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in operation. Hence the frequency of relapse. For treatment

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frozen immobility, or inappropriate affects. It is easy to see

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by the stunted mother indicates that the requisite lysine must have been

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gotten a cylinder of some of my kin, and in great trepidation I passed out of the room. I roamed about for a

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which pulsation in a vessel would draw the fluid from either direction

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to spread among men quartered in cities and towns who inevitably mix

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the membrana tympani is not a stiff but a tolerably yielding membrane, works

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brings the valves nearer the surface ; hence their closure is not only more

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Intermittent fever. I gave her four powders composed of Chini-

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which I desire to bring under the notice of the Society, were taken from

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of the modern high explosives are used for bursting charges.

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case has ceasecT to menstruate, but there was no more bloody

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