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believe that the author was a physician if, 4, the description of the par-

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number, Glisson, Bate, and Eegemorter were entrusted with the

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kins School of Medicine, Dr. Hawley interned at Johns

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blunt points of an aesthesiometer, though localisation was somewhat

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for 500 cows orless, with the usual prices at place of shipment, subject to discount

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called original, but this portion is a vast improvement

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posed to be so typically modern in this regard, was

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tlien IwcMity-Beven yearn old. When an infant >he had

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early recognition of the bacillus, followed by free incisions and thorough

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finger and ends between the forefinger and middle finger. The

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Dr. A. M. Vance: On February 8th last, Mr. M., aged forty-three, was

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consecutive arterial pulsations. The apex beat was vigorous but

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those stations, were, at the period of the birth of the

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The gentleman, though struck with horror and amazement

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epigastrium came on, with restlessness, faintness, and sickness. The cyst was

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eral cases the past year with oxygen, obtaining the most happy

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to effect the separation of the last traces of deutero

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the external sjihincter ani, makes the singular decla-

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or other source of infection, but which are exposed to the attacks of

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22 square feet with the greatest width of stall allowed.

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removed and examined and sections made. Successive collections

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deep enough to get the toe of the shoe and foot into it, it is

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Never attempt to introduce the hand while the os is in a

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flammation. . Bran mashes should be given for a few days,

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piece of wet, spongy land, exposed to the bleakest west, north, and

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moved forward into enemy trenches and the. stretcher-

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after phenylhydrazin poisoning; by Jolly'^ in 1905 in normal pregnant

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places where theyliad been, and get evidence to contra-

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at which time she suffered severely with sore throat, ulceration, &,c, fol-

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not to be regarded as a rheumatic affection. Inquiries into the

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