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and its "Hand-Books," if imperfect in the beginning, will hardly at-
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blood in the case, the examination may be reinforced
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Hamilton Ross, and a son, Bartlett, all of Saint Paul.
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14. Malignant Disease. In certain instances where this occurs with
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or its frequency seems to depend on the presence of particular species of
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this disease, the reasons will quite clearly appear which com-
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operating, and beyond our control. In the first place, the ap-
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even distribution of the corpuscles. One minute will usually be
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permission to study at BerHn, and in July, i860, he began
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met with most satisfactory and encouraging approval from
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explanation of this two reasons are advanced that the drugs are not suffi-
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the fact that this part of the bowel was so constantly found in the
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that there is a beginning malignancy, we do a complete hysterectomy
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and Surg. Journal.* " I was requested by Dr. Stenhouse to visit a patient of
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and plainly contradict the positive demands which she makes for pure,
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tina, the low arterial tension and embarrassed secre-
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Marshall, Victor F. Professor Emeritus of Surgery (Urol-
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tur ; circa 13 annum aetatis incipit, et ad 45 plerumque
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the mechanism of masked pernicious fevers. You have seen the
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of Jesus Christ, and a strong appeal is made to all
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cial Boards of Health, from the medical health officers of the towns and
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Finance. — Drs. S. Brenton, Geo. C. Moody, J. B. Stevens.
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The reality and the truth are not to be settled off-hand
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in a state of tension, ready to change on coming in
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ions on the rate of diffusion of water through a collodion membrane
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involved, constitute an interesting and important group of spastic con-
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the specific infections from the realm of inherited diseases. For practical
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rubbish of those portions of the system not easily relieved by other
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working tor the best interests of the profession, which
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( 1 ) a significant number of these patients showed
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life related to undergraduate medical education. To this end the office employs one full-time
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von Kurt Tautz. [Transl. of 1907 a] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.] Jena
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library, but their contents should be familiar. If called upon
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calcium in jaundice is striking. Collip states 16 that in the normal

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