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in the majority of cases of chorea, in which the degree of debility does
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tion, performed forly-eight hours ago, and may be described as a
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the normal standard, and the bottles were labelled + or
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towards the pelvis. For many years I have discarded all uterine repositors
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grow, than as much lard, saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal
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2. Exertional Angina: CARDIZEM has been shown to produce
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Hospital. Dr. A. Marks, announces that Cod Liver Glycerine is
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lalypso borealis, Salisb. Parad. Lond. t. 89 (1807). C. bulbosa, (L.)
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rami contain large numbers of medullated fibers and take from
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which, once for all, require a little elucidation. It says we
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force for overcoming the resistance offered by them to its farther
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20. Vertebrate Embryology (for medical students). — Birds and mammals.
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vein itself is an inch and a-half in length. The renal artery
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It generally attacks children between the ages of nifi«
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other! Nothing but skilled advice backed by experience
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thoroughly ; do not try to save yoorself by eqohbcd
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from proteids, it is clear that all the fat formed upon
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pqisonous medicines to be administered to them in order
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hitherto has proved practicable is to run them through a disinfecting
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their new home, and she slipped and fell down. The next day she
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ling in vats the same proportion of ingredients is used. Sixteen-pound hams
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is behind and shows some inconstancy in its structure. Area 22,
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know it. They fully appreciate that the digestion of intellectual food is immensely aided when seasoned with
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show a certain degree of uniformity in type. Some of the more important vari-
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muscular movements whatever. This should be insisted upon,
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of the Bill would be to provide an office for some political friend —
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syphilitic, and alcoholic affections ; and that it is only by adopting
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look is favorable, but the prognosis must always be guarded in the
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side mainly ; patient semi-unconscious for three days,
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pital, have held minor teaching appointments in the Albany Medical
his centenary in a fitting manner next year. A remarkable fact

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