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approval, and you take an interest in its passage I should be thankful
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being taken of the insoluble matter, silica, iron and alum-
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tle ett'ect. The gas w^as diluted, of course. On the 5th of October
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grade course, as does cholera nephritis in the cases that recover.
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nature bacteriform," and further that the bacteria that they show are the
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thicker than that of its fellow. The impression given
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studv and classes — that is to say, to sedentary occu-
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<> Ibidem. « De natur. facultat. lib. 2. cap. 8. charter.
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spread by continuity. The upper air passages are more frequently involved.
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produced by hot liquids; they differ only in that in the former the
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Several observers have determined similar facts in re-
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the mother said " ether or something of the sort " was
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primary. For five years all seemed well, when all at once abscesses appeared
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took place radially. This latter t3^e of change, as illustrated in Fig.
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required in home territory for carriage of wounded from ports at which
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dose of strychnine. The action of intravenous injections is more dis-
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If a solution of adrenalin and strychnine are mixed together in a
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in the Board. It is inconceivably astounding that a man
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kinesia [one of the complications and sequelae of epi-
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lish physician, who, leaving part of his family in England, came
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stomach at a higher level. The normal shape of the cupola of
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TCEES AFTEK De.-ith.— The following conclusions are
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fractures are inevitable. There is some fundamental
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G. W. Crile, H. O. Feiss, C. F. Hoover, J. M. Ingersoll, W. E. Bruner,
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[Abstract of paper read before Soc. Lancisiana d. osp. di Roma] <Policlin.,
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grow, than as much lard, saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal
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The second kind of risk will be encountered if the wife become pregnant.
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and the intense misery which these poor brutes suffer frequently
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doubt that empirics and quacks are nothing else than lashes to the
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tection. It is covered in front by a thin vascular membrane which
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The author deems it of great importance that husbandmen
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spleen or kidneys, small capillary obliterations, or small intestinal,
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proves too large, a new lot with a smaller dose has to
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