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of a round figures, a little obiong, having the spine moder-
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hogany colour than natural, with no cadaverous lividity, as is common in the
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quently the paralytic stage may follow the premonitory symp-
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ed to in the Med. and Surg. Rep., but did not read it until
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the micro-organisms of septicaemia, does not destroy
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which the paraplegic symptoms are identical with those
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" peared as perplexed and intricate to thofe who firfl con-
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somnolence. While exanthems do not appear in the height of the attack,
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men, and for him all had a cordial welcome, and sincere love
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unavoidably delayed till now. their immediate insertion
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whenever it in necesiiary for any raune to make art in-
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often asked, Is the disease due to the slow operation of the poison
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The king must have suffered no little inconvenience by
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several volleys of attack, as it were, in which influenza
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it becomes full, or until it. is convenient to dispose of it. In both
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Arrangement has been made with a neighboring restaurant to furnish
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There are on record, says Dr. Todd, two cases in which acute
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syphilis shows itself by many varied and indisputable signs : they
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other, and gives when handled. The pain is chiefly referred to the
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WOODBURY, Lewis A., Groveland — 1872. M. D. (Harv.)

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