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actual size of the optic canal from its size on the roentgenogram
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careless physician who made the post-mortem examination of
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removing abnormal conditions, while at the same time, itimparts tone
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large amount of material. He has studied the arrange-
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took turns to go to lectures. In the small university
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whimpering sounds during his efforts to speak. Not infrequently these
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^ Die Sooltherme an Bad Oeynhansen (Rehme) und das gevohnliohe Wasaer. Yon Dr. L.
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always determined in one or two examinations; because reliance is
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and July of the first year, and fall semester of the second year respec-
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Frerichs appears to allude to such cases when he writes
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led twice with bread crumbs before frying or broiling, it will
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FouRCUOY, who had paid particular attention to this subject, assert that
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adequate surgical assistance is impossible. The fact that 6000
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disc which is thinner than the surrounding plate. The distance
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Thought or sold in large quantities for butter- and cheese-
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develop at the same stroke both tone and resonance. If
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illusions or hallucinations, and points out, from the results obtuned
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1. Liquor potassae, hot water, and oil of almonds, of each
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the Antikamnia Chemical Co. This letter is, by the way, a fair
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culty in swallowing solids and even fluids, having always to drink
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surgeon should avail himself of the water which has been
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sion to designate afterwards as an abject, eternal slavery, which, while it consti-
happy hunting ground, had but recently died; but Sir Benjamin
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simply an evolutionary vestige or has to do with metabolic or
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and the proportion positive were as follows: Bacillus tetani, 17/57;

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