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location that the surgeon is called upon to reduce in which
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classification is general, as each case is a law unto itself, and certain
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lipoid rich organisms such as tubercle bacilli and lepra bacilli. They
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beyond his control, — he must needs be prosecuted.
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hemisphere. The net conclusion, however, must be that as little injury
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or acetone insoluble lipoids would agree on one half of the nonanti-
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mental excitement, and this on one occasion was due to an operation for
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cles containing fat-granules and fat-globules. Fat embolism
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fully and wonderfully reproduced. He quotes DiefTenbach :
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in the manufacture of tyrosine by the action of potash on albumen. In
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borhood of the part while the moxa is burning, in order to
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1904 a. — Index generum mammalium: A list of the genera and families of mam-
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sometimes, it is stated, by chance, and at other times
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their services. Let each district be large enough to require all of
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dorsal curve (Diagrams 8 and 9). Twist from the pelvis may
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tion was too strong for his will to overcome.* There was
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indicated that the experiment succeeded in inducing a sense
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sternal cartilages, there are small nodulated projections, which, from
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regarded as convincing, there is still another fact which is not open to attack.
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nal caufes, are ufually preceded, like febrile dif-
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Examination showed the left leg flexed upon the abdo-
arises independently of embryo filarise, why not in all? It is a well-
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enough that an act which he is doing is forbidden by the law of the land.
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amended by inserting the word "medical" before college.
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three for each toe except the great toe which has only two.
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Mtherto been the case. After a time the weakness seemed to develop
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mence a speculation in a different enterprise. The reproductive
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two places at an earlier stage of the operation, and the duct was
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staphylotomy, operation consisting in excising a cica-
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