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corm of the plant after burning it ; this probably acts by

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pulsory meal contracts may be amended to provide for absence from

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sults might be attained if the children could be fumi-

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operation, and certainly he shonld not be allowed to do the open

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connected with the convulsions. It has long been recognised

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drugs, which by themselves neither induce such phenomena. It

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which has been a source of confusion in research in the nineteen forties, of re-

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plains of any symptoms of ukirative disease during this

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condition and to the election between the formation of an

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as to the practice he should pursue, the surgeon tied

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pneumococci in vitro, found that non- virulent strains are readily taken up by


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pigments may be important and so far as the gathering of a certain

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power of response. In this condition the plant requires at least

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instance, "It is generally accepted that the ovum is double-sexed." Such

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absorption of the poison is rendered more difficult — Annali

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The continued use of violently acting medicine ren-

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LI I. — Tiro Cases of Rupture of Intestine withoxU External

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; part of the Board of Trustees of the College. The General Educa-

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cates would have terminated fatally, and, furthermore, in the outcome of an

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B. Coli. Vaughan and Cooley from large quantities of colon bacilli have

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inoculation of a series of rabbits intravenously and the other the feed-

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diseases and following injury and burns, promotes health

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by redissolving the ammonium sulphate precipitate of globulin,

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carbolic acid, mix, make warm and grease the hogs well

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