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it is very expensive and does not wear well. So while the gray may

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swelling of the right arm. In some other instances the causes of the

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than continue in his present suffering, and always pointed with his finger

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also encourage the proceedings of wrong-headed operators, who prefer the

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causes just given is 601. The remaining 84 deaths were due to: scarlet fever

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skeptic who believes that chemistry has contributed nothing to accu-

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the apparent percentage loss in vaporization was 25 per cent.

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(1888 a).— Idem [?] : Atti 12. Cong, med., Pavia, p. 308.

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condition of the wife. Third : diseased condition of the husband.

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Natural (?) ones which visit the individual and are in the na-

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each. From whooping-cough, Baltimore two, New York one.

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each year. True, vitamin D is more or less routinely prescribed

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Let me say, that you ought henceforth to examine carefully

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has been described in the foregoing pages may be regarded as

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5. At Camp Upton 12,519 men have been vaccinated against

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or without ether, to work accurately with a laryngeal

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anity, and the highest satisfaction between teachers and pupils, on every

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journals a paper, " Kole de I'endoscopie a lumin^re externe dans les

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those parts, snd the laceration which at some times the big-

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few words in the same article, we think that a brief description of the

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chorea, rheumatism, heart disease and indigestion are common

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stances of the case. It is rapidly defibrinated by whipping it with a

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events, but syphylis and gonorrhoea show no signs of old age yet. They

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finally relieved by cathartics and enemata. Since the

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easy to calculate. It is necessary, therefore, to bear these considerations

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