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brosides. This was concentrated to a small volume and poured into

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in addition a toxic action of this drug upon muscle elements.

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chinery, a physician should be consulted to avoid mistake. Those

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which, after separating the muscular fibres of' the diaphragm, had

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tiie pupil, enabling them to overbalance the existing contractors.

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It must be remembered that the diaphragm corresponds to the level

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it causes lysis (bacteriolysis, cytolysis) by virtue of the action of its zymotic

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past decade has enabled us to develop techniques toward both

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already met with a very favourable reception in this country. It is

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nxi^ which is fo poifonous that the French have given

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into branches which almost immediately unite with each other again,

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years she has been able to eat food Qontaining a moderate quantity of

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sures, and its effects upon learning in general, under the

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degree of mental deficiency or neurotic taint present in those who

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artery, etc., cannot be described here, though one plan

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flour, 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, I cupful of sugar, 2 -eggs, 2 salt-

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tendency; (2) after the tube is rilled with blood the cannula

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it is an indication either of further involvement of the same or

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cases which had originated in that locality. He had

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is extremely crude. The scalpel for scarification and needles of

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bromides of potassium and ammonium alone, or combined with ammonia,

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places him near to the last mentioned animals. In them the con-

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scrotum was abortive and had almost disappeared when this photograph was

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to impart appears to have been very limited ; and at seven-

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large to admit a view of one half of the indurated and hypertrophied

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There is one more question to answer : Which operation is prefer-

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B^e fifteen minutes to every pound, have the oven very hot

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dition as compared with the number of cases which are only partial.

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M'here goitre is prevalent. He had suffered from a swelling in the

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means of stimulating ointments ; evaporating lotions may be applied

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swelling of the right arm. In some other instances the causes of the

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return published under the War Pensions Act of 1915, which

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Pictures Hung Permanently in Art Galleries in Munich, Pans

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be admitted that the knife has not proved to be the panacea in

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that arrests the arrival of nutriment destined to replace the natural

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blurring of vision or blindness for some days previous

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from the State medical societies. Subsequently, the

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severing, do not require the aid of a tutor or specialist. If they

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the company. Four of these animals were slaughtered

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M. Kleeki has shown by experiment that the virulence of

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