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the degree of contagiousness of scarlet fever. In 1873, 3,215
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healing in these preantiseptic days, consisted in lint saturated and
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pigments, it might not have been so impressionistic, but would
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symptoms of pneumonia, including termination by crisis, were present, but
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sembles a worm bent together. When straightened it is nearly a half
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asthma that requires (3,-agonists or a history of eczema or
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coagulates in fine flakes, whereas the casein of other animals
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diagnosis ; in these a greater development of tubercle than usual was found
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Mosetig-Moorhof's^ iodoform-plombe is applicable to such cases
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He was the first, for instance, to suggest, more than
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of Agriculture Farmers' Bulletin No. 839, page 14, for canning various
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be cured. This is a further argument for early treatment.
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cases, M. Gerii.mn See concludes that iodides are the
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conditions of enfeeblement, especially of the right ventricular wall.
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week later, as she felt well, with the exception of some remain-
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water of the urine ; but the urea and the sulphuric acid remained still below their
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extensive enough to lower the conductivity of the bundle sufficiently
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She said it felt * tight' across the forehead. She had no
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tion it, and in the fifth patient, the ear oximeter would not
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placed over the whole surface of the human body are shut
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which clung to him, until in March of the same year
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a quarter. Have you constipation or biliousness ? He
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face, swollen veins, and clutching hands, attest the violence of
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the Frontal Lobe," Medical News, Philadelphia, 1890, p. 586. — 27. Treves. Lancet,
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embraced in the great theory of the Scottish physician.
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pressure of the blood column remaining strong during the
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of fresh water from 56 gallons of sea water in 5 hours 13 minutes,
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of March there was again a little vomiting, accompanied with
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of heat from morbid causes, without incurring serious, and
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in the hepatic region : nor had there ever been jaundice. There
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investigators I have been unable to determine any decisive differences
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mediately brought about a marked increase in red corpuscles and hemoglo-
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a very good flat sear resulted. The process had occupied about six weeks, the
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Journal, April 1896. — 68. Oliver, T. Goulstonian Lectures, p. 86. — 69. Ovkrlach.

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