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inch in width. Then make a second fold on the first crease. This

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It may be mentioned that Dr Struthers was an active promoter

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treatment by high frequency currents, and the swelling rapidly sub-

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the lips, and is seen indistinctly on the gums. On the sixth day the eruption

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Surgeon B. F. Sanmr, U.8.Y., Is relieved from duty In the Depart-

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systematic isolation not only of the children suffering from measles, but

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rate was observed between the two races (Table 1.) The number of

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Pottages are good to increase the seed, such as are made

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Want to go into specialty. Address Doctor, care of Alvin

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his friend, M. Chareot. He admitted with him that a fixed lesion

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signal intensity on T2-weighted images. Other MRI find-

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increasing the supply of that element which is the most active agent

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progressed rather poorly, and the animal showed no vigor and

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never of any use in my experience. Give it under the skin, it acts

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indeed, the suppurative action may have been a result of the disruption of a

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above, which is highly active in the proportion of 1 : 1,000,000. Inas-

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often complicated by the toxins absorbed from other bacteria which invade

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slow or rapid involvement of the entire skeletal structure, together with

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ago the husband of the patient had been taking care

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Some division begins to get diphtheria and sometimes not a single

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became more confounded, and the shades of other colors were only

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however, that the position of affairs is so satisfactory, the question

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