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before the draft board, and a brief observation in camp hospitals,
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tion by digitaKs four times a day and follow the action oi
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rods, sitting in a chair, supported by several persons, with a deep gash
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und Pathologie. viii + 280 pp., 10 pis. 8°. Wiesbaden. [W a , W ra .]
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The fifth ventricle was rendered very conspicuous ; the brain was
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For twelve years Matas did not repeat this operation,
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use of the dandie brush, followed by the water brush,
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may say that, not understanding the so called homoeo-
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surgical depots where such appliances are for sale. Dr. review
up in bubbles through the water, carrying with it the
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closed fist. The average weight of this organ in the adult male
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Gynecologist, North Shore University Hospital. B.A.
is a very old and simple subject to discuss, but its importance can
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Age seems to have some influence in the causation of this disease. It
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sulphur for a long time would produce a marked alteration of
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frequently in the mouth vegetating harmlessly, but that from the
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I been observed that u solution of gum (CuHiiO,,.) added to one
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the subject of retaining the catheter in the bladder, I most res-
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In the Smithsonian Report of 185Y, page 390, I find the following:
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ers. In such cases, a cheerful economy becomes a necessity; and

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