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The bill for regulating the pi-actice of medicine is

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important process of menstruation begins. Womanhood is

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find abnormalities which some examiner has discovered. So

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the publication of a new " specific." The latest agent that is

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twelve hours. In such cases wb are sometimes obliged

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median column was not affected at all by this scle-

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latter institutions. There are only 2 hospitals in the townships,

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with that peculiar nervous excitement which is termed hysteria, —

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after the operation the line of the fence became swollen, red and angry-

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Bishop, Esias Tegner, Dean C. L. Henlin, and Professor J. L. Wickelgren, on one

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good news for stray dogs and cats and millionaires. The mangy

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have been produced for several years by planting potatoes

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a change of air, in number about 70, were removed under the- charge

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a very slight organic change, such as might be of little importance

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