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rotated as if it had been thoroughly repaired by callus. I have shown

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to wear such special shoes. Quite needless to say, the shoe must


persons of enterprise and intelligence in devoting all their in-

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I may be in poor position to receive sympathy or support.

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with the appearance of typhoid bacilli in the urine and careful search should

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cle, about an inch and a half or two inches from the acromion process.

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connected by a flexible stem with a hole extending through its entire

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sories falling far short of the up-to-date and the ideal. It is true that

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and should they come to the barn to seek shelter, to be

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tion ?" Can it be considered apart from secretion, heat-

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quite outstanding. Slav calm, Marion, while the world

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we are to alarm the friends and family. It is our duty, however,

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the inoculation from which the animal had evidently suffered three months

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Their Diagnosis by Cytologic Examination of Sputum and Bronchial Secretions

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be cured. This is a further argument for early treatment.

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gradual filling of the cul-de-sac of Douglas; and sepsis. This

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the Health Convention at Ottawa in December Ia¬ęt. Dr.

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He could do nothing in an inferior or even common manner.

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the old; grand dame, finding her money wasted and herself

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to side, causing a mere contusion of parietal and visceral

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teen and a half inches. Chest rickety, costal margins


space. It was at the Royal Institution that he first announced that essen-

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that meddlesome midwifery is bad ; and viewed nearly as a

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cost of the necessarily diseased animals which have to be destroyed

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forms. Do not all these circumstances. Gentlemen, lead us to adopt

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case No. 2, in which, while not detecting the foreign

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scribed. Thb treatment was continued to the 23d of October. The

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thirst. They also have noticed its good effects in either greatly dimin-

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barnyards, a score of privy vaults, the garbage and refuse

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excitement, public speaking, reading aloud, singing, and also

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The system of classification chosen as that considered the best under which

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of amyl, thin time for thirty seconds, and in forty-five

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consanguinity of parents." He gave the history of a few cases

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value, is to report our cases of errors in diagnosis as well as

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