Pregnitude Hair Loss

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chriftianity. If this be true, I cannot help aferi-

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but no specimens are at hand except of this. On the dry, gravelly-

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also well known that vessels frequently became infected while lying at ports

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Danielson, Edwin L P. & S., N. Y., '82 Lebanon.

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1859, and described in the "Deutsche Clinik " of the

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America. In 1844 Dr. King, of Cincinnati, made known the advantages of

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bands of decussating fibers extending across the anterior median

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constitution to be acted upon next year, making the

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had pain in the eye, for it struck me as extraordinary that a tumour

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logical anatomy^ of the disease is fully discussed, and the views of Vir-

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him again wrapped up in blankets wrung out in hot water.

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tests, it is, I think, well that the Commission has control of its

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sound is clearly heard. The pressure is then further raised till the

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while yet warm ; can renew it three or four times a day if

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442; Laugenbeck, R. K. von, 444; Linsley, J.. 68: McArthur, J. A.,

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determined by the direction in which the contents of the bladder

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dropsy, when he mentioned to me that he had been called to the

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ready for market, by straightening them out and measuring

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actual war service. Concomitant with unwonted muscular exertion,

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cer of the bladder ; and his urine was positively the

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of ammonia, 9 oz., boiling distilled water, 12 pints;

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Boston City Hospital. Dr. Gay has held the position of visiting

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the later stages carefully regulated massage is of great use. Great care should

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Ninety-eight — namely. Why are these desperadoes trying to make an

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ess in animals is one of oxidation that is, one by which large unstable

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our investigation ; but it is not improbable that the concep-

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practitioner who has been well enough trained to pick

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myself nine years ago ; or one may use aluminum, from one to three

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It was in front of the trachea, and went down to the depth of one

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the patient, and was surprised to find that no part of the cord was to be felt

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vulsive disease for any considerable length of time. Anti-

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