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and if they do not, or are unable to give a perfectly clear

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performed the operation to be referred to later. The rectal

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To have an examination devised with exemptions specially

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superficial temporal artery path along the scalp. A single

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tent with a synopsis. " I find by actual experiment, that if a five-

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more severely decompensated cases than it does normally. The coeffi-

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2. Sources oj Injection. — Cases in cattle, sheep and horses.

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general have too great a tendency to think that this repugnance could

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at the designated hospital, regardless of the hour of arrival, of the

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result is that he continues to whisper and now finds that he is

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^® Emin, A., Une vareite nouvelle du parasite de Laveran, Bull. Soc. path,

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agitate the powder in 1 quart of boiling water, drain,

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always grave : in 34 per cent, of the deaths the report states that

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tively than ever before this dread disease, which now causes as great

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results of such irritations as dentition, worms, etc., and which may supervene

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tibial artery and vein were then isolated and ligatured. On relaxing

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membrane unites with, and even penetrates, the true membrane, and cannot be

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differentiate a medical case that is bleeding before operation? We

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bolic acid poisoning where there was marked contraction of the

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X^ _ > )&iiJEW« 7%w I Ml . BiLiAKT AJO) UuximT

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*57°9 Thomson, J. A. Science of life, an outline of the

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to be feared, sutures and strapping ought not to be neglected.

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lime may be said to predominate. A careful analysis was made of

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25th. Ordered purge of one drop of croton oil with four

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person is master of more than the details concerning one

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to be used as collective terms, Prof. Thorburn does not see

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considered as established that under certain patho-

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(«.) In the perforations of its anterior portions the ear is less access ble to

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investigation. And this brings us to our own conclusions :

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show that cyproheptadine increased weight gain in chronic

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Winston, A. Lee. Clinical Professor of Medicine. Attending

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knowledge ; the last six of which treated of anatomy,

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threat to the health of all, is being regarded as a

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almost diametrically opposite results from statistics. While my few

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