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power. Some of these come properly under the head of

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proves. According to this explanation, moreover, we should expect that

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meat of a glandered animal is very poisonous; will produce the disease

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1. The degree of adliesion with which such elements cling to

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system, then it admits of being cured by a Restorative, which,

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It is to be seriously questioned whether this Asso-

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under treatment by iodoform injections, is reported by Kerschner [Prag.

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tion(s), indicated hy italics — last line of each

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' Snaphaunces,' which were portable arms discharged by the

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ment no petticoat is worn when the dress-skirt is somewhat full.

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the bacillus tuberculosis being a necessary factor in the disease be dis-

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fatally. The conclusions arrived at by the Committee are as

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food into urea, whereas the low urea excretions of We. and M, may be

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the actions and therapeuti<'s of the different dni^H,

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expelled when it is re-dissolved in water. To the clear solution,

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deep-seated hard substance beneath the fascia; this was cut

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possible control with the above methods. During this time

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Medical Society I had the honor to present a preliminary report of some

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by suppositories was again resorted to, and fluid extract of ergot

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remote parts of the folded sheet, which showed stains of the fluid, at

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The demand was found to be for houses of from four to six

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The litmus pencil provides us at once with the pure coloring material in a

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— 8 to 9; 2 to 4. A. B. (Norwich) 183S; M. D. (Woodstock) 1841.

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things as are necessary, which may be changed. according as

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often conceal the nature of the attacks, and when their nature is not

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the Board of Trade completely fail to procure that measure of protection which

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them and the embargo secured by order-in-council against all foreign

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cella Mitrata. 14. Arcella Vulgaris. 15. Argulus. 16.

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action are synonymous terms, and it is doubtful whether there be any means

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surprising number (exact figures not known). There is no history of mental

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a keen interest in local affairs. While in Danbury he served as

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tinct speech, difficulty in coughing, but without paralysis of the limbs ;

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the medicines which might have relieved them; and es-

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an animal: an animal is in normal condition when the organs perform

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