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Were united by three stitehes. From the irritable state of the
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covered with a little straw. On February 15 he awoke with severe
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258. The raging madness, by its term has led to an erroneous
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with stimulants, and probably also more likely to be assimilated ;
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decline during several days by lysis. A sudden drop in temperature to sub-
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disease capable of adversely influencing the powers of the tissues
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mother ceafes -, and it mud receive it's nourishment
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of disease, with apparent perfect moral and physical adaptability,
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Case 103, 15 mos. I. Struthers, Month. Jour, of Med. Sci.,
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now be dissolved from the precipitate by the aid of
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Mix the yellow mercuric oxide with the alcohol in a tared
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hibited hemolosis in a similar procedure with Dourine has al-
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of lumbago, the author was also able to exclude any disease of muscle.
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the animal in harness, take the cord, put the small loop
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remaining on hand. The original of this return will be promptly
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or hypoglossal nerve are also not infrequent. Among my 64 cases of
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:hokes the animal. As a result of the inflammation around the larynx
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reacting to the tuberculosis test. The importance of this work to the
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" Experience of methacetin is still limited, but its poisonous action
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2. The increased consumption of water is due to the increased demand for
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These patients should drink freely of water. A carefully
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This, in turn, would enhance the general oxidation processes of
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formed togeUier, before, during, and after the siege. Long
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more or less prolonged incubation, during which the physician
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added to them. In almost every case, perhaps in every

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