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or more commonly to the nurse or other innocent person, from use
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Geossitis — Is inflammation of the tongue, and usually the interlin-
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that the muscular spasm was controlled by the aconite, and inforentially I should aeeume
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Inflammatory lymph on anterior surface of stomach under lym|>h
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is that they require to be hauled in and their heads then
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tice medicine: Qu celebrated practitioner must he sought out as teacher,
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at the University of Basle, and Honorary Professor in
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be impossible to refer to in detail. But we may take it as a well-
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15 and 30 rears of age, : : 1 : 169 ; in the next interval, it has
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By devoting his personal attention to the touch and tone of his instruments,
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ments— that is, these parts, instead of being in tlieir
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Surgeon J. D. Brumley, U.8.Y.. having reported at Looisville, Ky., has
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care on and off for five months, with a murmur identical in character and
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Dubini's disease and myoclonus is the greater as both may be associated
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which has become so fearfully interesting to the profession. We are
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together amount to nothing worth consideration against the great,
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scraping. It must be remembered that any pregnancy may be the starting
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of Trinity College, Oxford, who gave me a fine copy of it in a
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the neck, firom which point I removed it by a counter-
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Spleen. Semilunar ganglion. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,
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tomic features of the temporal bone which influence the occurrence
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Resolved, That each section shall choose its own officers, and make
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army, the preparation of the usual reports and returns per-
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was solid, there was no refilling, and there has been
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yet more or less seriously contused and injured by it. Some
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Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1915, 41, 791. Rosenthal, F. : Therap. d. Gegenw.,
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to this 1 left a few doses (1/12 grain) of the drug in solution.
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time at 10°C. is interesting from the epidemiological standpoint.
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desist. He has observed from time to time, especially when fixing
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heat. It is by no means necessary, however, to encounter the direct rays of
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its forms, baths, douches, massage, inhalations, nursing, etc., are provided as
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only they must be comprdiensive and correct This is not the case with Mr. Nonneley's
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menstruation, and after this (which was less painful and profuse) had ceased
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Axenfeld reported a case in 1896, and later Bult. They both em-
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with the purpose of illustrating the general principles of organic
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q»ace in this journal for the purpose of laying before' i(a
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persisted for fifteen years and latterly had increased in size. In one

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