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The doctor today lives in a different world and while what he does changes,
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time. Again in 1853-4 there was an outbreak of this disease which
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most likely at the time of initial evaluation, his symptoms
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The hyposulphite of soda can be used with great success in the
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cases — he employed a method which he considered to be, in a great measure,
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B-ub the quickfiiver with the ballam in a metal mortar
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light and pleasure : for, by their swelling up, they cause titu-
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disease. When the light sense is very defective there can be no doubt of
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sion from the meninges. An abstract is worth quoting :
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Screaming at the onset and marked occipital tenderness point to
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ciously received, but they undoubtedly had a certain
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diarrhoea, relapse, pneumonia, and abscess — to name
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operation was, I considered, totally unjustifiable in
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and she delivered herself of a nine-pound child with-
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pasted upon the side of the house wall. They are commonly
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angina, lepra, trypanosomiasis, and various other parasitic diseases,
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Symptoms. The period of incubation has been more accurately deter-
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the paralysis presumably being due to a late suppura-
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hot, clammy, bowels costive, urine scanty and high-colored,
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as malformation of the uterus or absence of the fallopian tubes.
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pain across her back. In May, 1915, she began to belch gas, which relieved
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other serious accident, such as a broken limb, is frequently associated
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and says: *^ow this patient can have no more gall-stones, for the
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iron ; or if deeper seated, by opening each with a lancet, and touching
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prevents him from recovering himself in case of a stumble
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patient and the fact that the disturbance of sensation causes neglect
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air that can be breathed, there are conflicting statements and
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anterior vaginal wall. It can be done in less than an hour, the abdomen
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appetite and general debility. His tongue continues dry and coated
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of my labor in the two columns subjoined, as a contribu-
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suggest the possibility of developing a typhoidin free from toxic sub-

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