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and placed under complete chloroform anaesthesia. The halter

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and usually belong to the second class. Dangerous complications,

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him, or his family, or their paternal or maternal ancestors.

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1600. The sweating sickness prevailed in London, Eng.

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vertigo is obtrusive it may be a question whether the attack be one of

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The lungs are cedematous, and show considerable hypostatic

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the sentiments contained will, in general, find a hearty response in the minds of by

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In a paper on this subject which he read before the

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stomach after eating. Drink 2^ pints. Urine 3 pints daily. R.

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any help towards the solution of so subtle a question.

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animal tissues through which it flows. When retained ia the

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positions, was that it was caused by the pressure of the heart — especially

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smell of petroleum was given out from patient's skin.

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ing proceits has fairly set in, and the patient suffers little or no discomfort, he

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chest. The a])paratus is fully described and illus-

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strophanthus or digitalis. The increase in the flow of urine continued several

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Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med., 1934, 32-241; N. Y. State Jo urn. Med., Vol. 35, 6-1-25, No. II, 590-592.

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many minutes as will enable the surgeon to convince himself

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face or in the eye of the instrument. It is for this reason that sterilisation

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account of the uncertiiin action of the instruments at

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strabismus with diplopia and giddiness, and mydriasis. Occasionally the

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Myrtol in Tuberculosis. — Dr. Eichiiorst recommends

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the alkali, when given interniiUy, to affect in a direct manner

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sac of the aneurism laid open from end to end, and more than

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To all these causes of dirty feeding may be added the

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unfitted her for the place she formerly occupied, should, in case of separation,

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the American profession to this antiseptic, and urge

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I will sign your diploma. The diplomas of the time-honored Uni-

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purpose. This causes constipation with retention of poisons

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teristics of the race of bacilli peculiar to that species. (9) Bo-

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