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The Committee on the dismission of delinquent members,

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been good. Twenty-five years ago an eruption of spots appeared on

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are often in such a condition that considerable quantities of an

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Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Sou & Co. 18'.>9.

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portion — the ileum and large intestine. But when the intestinal eecre-

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ous forms of the human physique which were likely to

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after their children as your mother and my mother" remarked this

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tirely destroyed ; and let me remark in j»a>i»ing that

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Second row: W. C. Butterfield, H. N. Oldham, R. L. Fuson.

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// you see a soldier hurrying or on the run, you can with safety infer that he

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the skull anterior to the injury — the wound extending for an inch at

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other of a long train of symptoms common to an attack of

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Even ordinary handling of the child, as in washing it, causes much dis-

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