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out a few of the leading city journals (ani only a very few),

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Dr. Eentoid, it appears, is meeting with opposition in his propaganda,

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best r^mrn^ of tiie subject we have seen, showing that the author has read all that

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It is not necessary that a man should do as his conscientious

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either the fyuiptoma oi violent rcnSf ion ^ oi great de^

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Likewise, shifting the target to the right will bring A\, F 2 and

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panied the cold fit of ague and was cured along with the ague

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Such cases are hard to treat successfully, and not until I be-

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four hours before each sitting. The candidates for the positions of

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or later history of a penetrating abdomiaal wound complicated

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the area of contact, and the longer the path of the current through

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before that great stage in life has been reached. I am scarcely pre-

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contact of the projectiles, led many eminent surgeons in former

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1299f. A Heart which has been laid open so as to expose fully the Lefi^

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Symptoms. — There will be noticed a heaAdng of the flanks,

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The so-called hydatid fremitus, vfhich is regarded as a par-

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eight. In forty-one cases, exercise brought out positive chest findings

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much enlarged in fruit. It usually grows i8 inches to 2

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down in it four or five measures of round stones, each large enough

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hibited, as in the case of one animal that was trained to respond by

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doses alloys irritability and diminishes tipasm, and is then an

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2.— That if the impregnation takes place immediately or very soon

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erect, either sitting or standing; as it is a matter of habit in a great de-

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fifty-five per cent, of all deaths attributable to diseases

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hindrances, and comprehending the extent and intricacy of

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bands of decussating fibers extending across the anterior median

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on the amount eliminated through skin and respiratory passages.

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medical records, and burn center personnel from the participating hospitals

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of the Southeast Hants District Medical Society, read a

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trol work and how sanitary work had come alx)ut and the results

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of the physician with the drugs he used, and thought

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