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distant hospitals — in many instances soldiers whose wounds are

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is decidedly implicated. Tt is best, however, to begin the treatment with

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use. Its action dififered from that of chloral hydrate in that, while it produced

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estimating the quantity of solids in the urine, viz.: 1, by evaporation to dryness;

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Treatment. — Ascertain first if Jaundice is due to non-secretion or

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supposes a more complex mechanism. Since the embryo measures

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preventing stroke and other cardiovascular disease.

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seated within the chest. It was not of so formidable or malig-

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few words in the same article, we think that a brief description of the

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4. The unnecessary wastage of infant life. Its avoidance by so-

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he awoke with violent pain under the right breast and in the groin, and great

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symptoms in connection with anteflexion ; it was also of

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under his notice to the proper authorities, as is laid down in our present

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excavated floor; it slowly but steadily spreads in circumference,

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found to produce conjunctivitis in horses. In length it is

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as ever. This attack was confined to left side ; was para-

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be proportioned either to an existing abnormal increase of the

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Examination showed the left leg flexed upon the abdo-

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autopsy has revealed that this was a mistake. This case is so

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to the Bound House several persons whom they found in the street. Twenty-

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that side. During January 1889 the lump grew larger, and he

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Dr. C. C. Lea presented a specimen of a case of death due to

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fragments are pushed together the torn ends of the fibrous tissue in

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*No. 18. — An account of the tapeworms of the genus Hymenolepis parasitic in man,

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does not operate on every case ; he considers the con-

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suspected animal, and anything used for or about such animal ; for the

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Pellagrin 750 was 18 years of age when she had her initial attack in 1910.

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diseases under this heading : occurring in the secondary and later stages,

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The author has devised a number of operative procedures and while

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4. Of having attended at a recognised medical school :

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