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of renal disorders and have led to much confusion. It has been definitely

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ganized guild I care not how much bluff and bluster he

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servation varied from drops to a teaspoonful. In a case the history of

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the undertaking. For mora titaa a yaar Dr. Bolaiea h been

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tumors some of them malignant in five species of subprimate animals.

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presses it with biliary congestion w hich has already been

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previously sensitized by injections of horse serum. A

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cheeks and uterine pains became active. On removal of the tampon

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but she has performed all the arduous duties of laundry and

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alcoholism. Thus Formad in post mortems on confirmed drunkards

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the early Greek writers these may be indicated in a few words.

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chronic nephritis the prevention and treatment would be as for

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The patient complained that she felt perfectly well during the period that

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It descends and returns with astonishing velocity. When

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found that this preparation much resembled pilocarpine in its

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that without any further poisoning life has become im

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Thyroids of grams weight or more have been found with normal histo

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the bowel although a finger could be thrust into its lumen

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usually insidious and may be entirely overlooked especially

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Chancrous folliculitis may exist alone independently

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to the author a striking objection and accordingly he rarely strives

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the onward passage of the fasces. In the case under my

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symptoms of medium intensity that which proves at least that

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It is to be differentiated from purpura simplex on the one hand by

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Photomicrographs Histology of minute bloodvessels and other

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Mr. Allan Burns s remarks in his work upon the Surgical Anatomy of

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packed with a tampon i gr. of morphine was given before

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pne.rnionia. infectious diseases of the gastro intestinal canal

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reseai ch distinguished alike for its most accurate de

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advertisement in one of the northern papers for a cook Any

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title it to representation or when its technical qual

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with numerous plates and microphotographs. In twenty six cases

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My interest in colloidal silver its value and limitations especiallv

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London practice it is capable of representing and replacing the

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infirmary as a hospital supported by subscribers outside the city as

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