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What to do in Cases of Poisoning. By Wm. Murrell, M.D.,

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3. Arteries may be successfully tied and obliterated without their continuity

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of the shoe from the toe to the quarter, allowing the

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HYDRANGEA has been used with great satisfaction in calculous complaints, and abnormal conditions

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tomed to handle horses, that very little needs to be written on that

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riding there was at least two inches of shortening.

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The object of this Association is the study of Ciimatolog}' and

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stances that are entirely independent of one another, for we

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management. Sheep seem to know intuitively the result

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inventor, have generally been content to watch it only for periods

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acetic acid or alkali. The coagulated hemi-albumose

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such as Burgundy, Franche Comte, and the Bresse, where the climate

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as of only secondary in^rtance. The attacks took place even when a great part of the cere-

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(Gazette M4dicale de Paris, Nos. 41, 45, 47, 52, 1872.)

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former of the size of marrowfat peas. To the naked eye, they looked too

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begins to crack, which will be in about three-quarters of a hour,

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This disease, tradition tells us, originated from copulation of syphilitic

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of the nature and cause of the disease in question ; and, what will

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Delaware Breakwater Quarantine for temporary duty. January

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1902 e— Idem. [Abstract of Low, 1901 e, by Sobotta] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol.,

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necessar3 T . As soon as the stomach becomes a little

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much brighter. Discharged on thyroid extract, IV2 grains per day.

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bioplasts are dead they can not be revivified. An animal going into a

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sir." The Briton calmly drew a note from his purse, and, passing

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and the experiments verified, a certain amount of scepticism is not only

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(increased fetal resorptions, decreased fetal weight, increased stunted forms, increased'

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15. That alienists have exaggerated the influence of causes

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tions ; and the substance covering the ulceration, when examined

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