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placed on the fruit near the center of each jar. The fruit was covered
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is that the enlargement was more or less uniform in all parts of the
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the halter draws both ways, upon the head and on the
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the condition of the liver in the syphilis of early life accounts for all
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incontestable proof that it actually is what we claim and doing good work.
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found that those cells which had taken the logwood or blue stain well,
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thickest ; they are homogeneous, colorless, and very pale, and
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a natural sequence work a lasting benefit upon them, and
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We now see that what we may term the workhouse deaths in a
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zedory 2 ounces ; yellow gentian root 2 ounces, theriaca
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twelve days, and on one occasion was obliged to break the wire
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region. In each case after the vaccine course was concluded, the
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History of the "discovery" he claims, a chapter of De-
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relapsed and died, or thought he could get along now
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distribution have proved the claim to be without foundation.
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posterior limits, but also of horizontal subdivisions of the motor
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from one to two years ; in 3.3 there was marked improvement ; in 19 the inter-
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When this yellow liquor is decomposed \>\ onl) a small quan-
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children, and young adults, neither cachectic, syphi-
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artery in the arm of a poor friar, who was on the point
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operation, and of these there is a further history in fifty-eight
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well enough to be sent to the Convalescent Home at Murray
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portant to notice that renal tumors occurring upon the left side,
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single dose, the physiological effects of which wiU begin some
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to show the reader that there is much more material in these pages
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others, it is but fair to say that the book has undoubtedly been \vritten
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done under irrigation with mercnrio-bicM. solution, to
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age, as recorded by Bottomley. It is much more common in boys
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mother, greater by far than when she is subjected to embry-
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in their natural state were moist. The process of desiccation has
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Ocular Motilityā€¯ has been entirely rewritten. The chap-
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it ; to trust to them alone, is to spoil the faculty of obser-
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,has ^eyer failed to effect a cure in the ten cases which I
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patient felt so well that she could not be induced to
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dosage is two capsules every (4) hours as needed for pain.
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the quantity of blood expelled at each pulsation. The result
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move. If a physician can be obtained at once merely make the
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These experiments on alcohol precipitation thus confirm the con-
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April 2. Physical Exainination resulted as follows :
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A still greater immunity is possessed by the Algerian rat, already referred

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