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method the bed is protected by a long rubber sheet, and two sheets

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tional, state, and national, by the employes of Blue Cross

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not fail to secure growth and progress in his beloved calling.

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underrated, just because it is so mysterious, so unde-

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bloody urine. Thereafter, the urine escaped from the wound above the

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given to corpulent people, consisting mostly of aperient

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the mortality was 18.9 per cent., but in Banti's disease, as stated by

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dences of sewage contamination, for fresh water does not contain

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Thus the inflammation may spread to the trunk, the arms, and even to the

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of course, be capable of reparation. It is true that in the spi-

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for reducing or removing the offence and harm which

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ture at five inches or beyond, I would always do an

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constantly changed were applied to the whole of the lower

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marriage regulations, and children are often virtually compelled to marry

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teen and a half inches. Chest rickety, costal margins

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even salt. It is a lengthy process this ; and, if time is wanting

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meeting in Atlanta, Ga., Monday, Ma)^ 4, and, considering the many recent

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from palace to hovel, for material, ever dream that "Doctor"

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of the disease drawn by Charcot in his classical account of it, nevertheless

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having rendered the embryo transparent by oil of cloves, care-

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and Staphylococcus aureus or albus in 10 cases (4 alone, except the Loeffler

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fibrinous fluids occurred at a later stage of the disease or epidemic.

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really due to hemorrhage from the pia. He could not

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horses. This decision has brought forth a storm of protest fromj

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in his capacity as president to a document which was also sigiie<l

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able in the last few years than they had been when the method was new. Several

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ture rose to 105°, and the pulse became faster and weaker.

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This assembly will bold its Scientific sessions in the

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and the tough skinned may be in the last stages of tubercu-

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