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worked with lead-colors, presented a pale-yellow discoloration of the skin, was
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the reaction was easily determined. In a very few cases there were
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studied especially by Marc6. Though bright and intelligent at the
indicating some concussion of the spine. Subsequently the skin
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/ -3464 c. s. Decisions (Court of Session). 1808-25. By J. H.
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to the office of acting assistant surgeon U. S. A., I thought I would
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If sterilized by chemicals the chemicals must be completely re-
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(g) Skin. The liability to bed-sores is much diminished, the frequent
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Notwithstanding the patient's denial of syphilis, the arterial
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undergone degenerative changes. Pathologists had at-
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tunic. It is to be remembered that the object of the tally and of
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nounce a word ; the second, by the practice of motions

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