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formed, is yet not one to be lightly undertaken, for it requires
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any great influence in this connection, though it has been a possible
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fundus, its lower third being on a line with the um-
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harmony with the general tenor, not only of the preamble and
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library, but their contents should be familiar. If called upon
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cate ?^kin must suffer to be beautiful — it will pay — and forego the
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cases, M. Gerii.mn See concludes that iodides are the
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to 4; 7 to 9. M. D. (Harv.) 1869. Mem. War. Assoc. Med. Im-
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posture. In no case was the sound associated with signs or symptoms
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large quantities. Often shreddy masses looking very like sloughs are seen ;
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by that of reaction, the arteries then fill afresh, the warmth
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I am indebted to the great kindness of Professor Gairdner,
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Care must be taken to avoid the deep palmer arch which lies adjacent.
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were in full leaf and the sap up, which resulted in killing til
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lowed by one of a darker color, which fills the vessel up to the next
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encies similar to the above found in this work. An author so
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college in this place, is, the probability of elevating
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That will depend on the enlightment of women. To expose
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President called the meeting to order and proceeded to introduce
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fantile mortality caused by this disease. Dr. Davis
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should be put into the ear immediately after the poultice is
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a varied tropical experience during the last seven years.
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though tending perhaps somewhat to fatness. As might be expected, the
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kidneys. If the patient is young, not overly fat, his kidneys compe-
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toes. Could not bear pressure on any part of the body without a
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sionary Association, 5 Quinsan Gardens, Shanghai. Recent
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the purpose of the rapid healing up of chronic, comparatively healthy
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dent is likely. Experimental data from mammalian embryos would
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of Prof. R. M. Porter, in our last, that he came to his death by
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