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dian health systems have shown that centralized govern-
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lished exce})t on these two bases ; the chancre on the one hand ; and, on
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chart, the rises being preceded by shiverings and the falls by sweat-
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Porter Davidson, M.D., Associates in Ophthalmology.
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with every corvfidence that it will fulfill the tKerapeu+ic
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vagus promotes anabolic processes, as urged by Gaskell, he shows
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no fewer than forty-eight ingredients, chiefly flowers, seeds, gums and oils, of
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Clinical Observations on Endoscopy of the Male Urethra.
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latter is the same in man as in the horse, the Rev. Dr. Haughton
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a highly anemic condition of any diseased part accelerates necrosis, and leads to
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exuded in large quantities. In some of the larger tumours the ulcera-
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of bergaraotte, of each \ drachm, otto of roses, 8 drops;
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the amboceptor caused only a tardy partial hemolysis or no hemolysis.
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her condition. I prescribed stimulants, and had the patient placed near
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divided into 110 squares and the pollen of one of the squares placed
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It is the external calcarine fissure of Cunningham, sulcus occipi-
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of movement closely resembling that seen in disseminate sclerosis, and
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commixture, however, of the carbonated and oxygenated blood in the heart,
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wards about two inches, until the ball was distinctly felt, resting on or
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wise counsel will prevail, and we can safely leave it to the Society
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nothing more than an association of individuals, at whom, synthetically or analytically,
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preparations are used and in what doses. The two principal salts
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logical basis of the cheese prescription. The acids formed by
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science. Malpighi described in 1665 the blood-corpuscles,
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* Several other theories have also been proposed to explain the nature
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Acid-neutralizing capacity of RIOPAN and RIOPAN PLUS = 13 5 mEq/5 ml or tablet.
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recently he saw, at hospital, a man in middle life who came with typical X-ray
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are broken : and then the urine and sweat of the child contain-
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are still clinging, is that specialism is a mushroom
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if these were adequate to its production at an anterior period, they
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by the two kidneys was beautifully demonstrated. The
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by raising it and holding it by a pin. By this means the

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