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For Rule No. i, the use of the oesophagoscope, often with

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much greater upon careful analysis than is apparent upon superficial

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cardiac two-thirds was implicated with a new growth, which

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The patient was discharged on May 26, 1912, having at this

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effect of the climate upon longevity is yet to be determined.

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urine dribbles away as fast as it is secreted, and excoriates the

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m the child as in the adult A child of 1 year and 11

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was fleet as the antelope, could run with the wind. He

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Experiment VI. Skin-graft started soon after the operation to be replaced by

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48. The following is quoted from the Medical and Surgical History of the

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verted and decidedly enlarged. Absolute rest in bed was

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and the patient is more readily and easily brought under its

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utes, notwithstanding medical attendance was immedi-

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