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fan-shaped to the ground, and in so doing it drives before

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Many readers will, we imagine, be disposed to think

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runs a lingering course, is usually limited to a single eye, and seldom

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The extract of logwood, will sometimes produce beneficial effects in

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of its materials, a living body contains no more than it has

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uves, or that of Astringents. This is their secondary action,

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into the freezing can and freeze according to above directions

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The fatty layer was penetrated by projections of connectiye tissue from the outer areolar

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points of the compass and the Middle West also, it is the un-

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possible with the anti-human heterohemolytic system (Noguchi),

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in order to carry patients on hand stretchers properly, so they

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although the lactic acid bacilli had stopped the fermentation, the buttermilk

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flexures and sigmoid are encased by a complete covering of new

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ation he ruflies out, and plunges himfelf into a ri-

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of any, it not being in my considerations ; yet her father

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conditions, demanding immediate and radical surgical intervention.

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over the right side of the uterus, and a normal ovum was

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cheeks, lips, hands, and feet, with which oedema of the extrem-

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could be saved and transplanted backward it would add something to

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of disease, and I submit, therefore, that there was

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The system of classification chosen as that considered the best under which

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in the early stages ; on the other hand small doses best

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have used it as a general tonic, and in particular the stomach, with general debility, such as we

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1905. Appleman, Leighton F., M.D., Attending Surgeon to the

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in flannel, and it was kept in the open air for as long a time as

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two results are very similar. We find then that on thirty occasions

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operations in cutting out tumor ; in removing an entire nose, and

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necrosis bacillus which he finds to be present now and then in the intestine of

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losis of the hip, and it is with the so-called tuberculous hip that

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apprehensions which never were realised. But I will come to that later on.

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snakes are put into her mouth when she is asleep, and

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eligible fori>_ for i s administration is trie fluid exttact. In spasmodic asthma it has often brought about spee

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and stored, and from which it should be dispensed to every

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Hospital on 14th street near Columbia College ; was also

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and that the cord is a centre, or series of centres, whose rhythmical

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strongly opaline, and was very far from presenting a clear and transpa-

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in the winter, when active vegetation does not exist.

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the anterior diverticuliun of the recessus lateralis which corre-

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LiTTLKJOHN, Hahvey, Medical Juiispnidence . . . .51

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to rise. The pain was usually accompanied by sickness,

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only in public and private injustice, cruelty, and wrong."

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