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vulsions, and the eruption had disappeared. I stood on

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A merchant (1002) slept in a steamboat state-room in

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The mngnelo- electric instruments used | excitation of an induced current were gained

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and Fixed Oils. .Saponins and Sapotoxins. Gums. Tan-

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ter from us on any subject, must send with it Five Dollars.

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is the original of the illustration in the last edition of my book. She

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mother was insane. Patient recovered in five weeks.

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by a fly-blister is of service, the blistered surface to be

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who brings before the world a new species and names it to describe it in all

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the system is not the same everywhere, depending upon

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to a physician's judgment, great deliberation would be

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fisE, and whether he can digest the same and ilirive

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Nearly the same thing is produced amongst a certain class

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only, and when there has been no myopia or history of injury, we must

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drew out some pulpy masses, which 1 sent to a well-known

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observe, Mr. Parker evidently intended to call attention to the effects

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on small and regular quantities of wet bran and oats, to which

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replaced by superficial scars. The whole of the affected area was

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propagation was particularly good here, when they are

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