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Case 4. — Male, age 13 years. Ill for three weeks. When seen, drowsy,
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yet apparently was completely cured of the attack. It should be noted in
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in the " Veterinary Review " thus alludes to this affection :
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tained its abnormal condition until February 8th. Fif-
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and thereby cause obstruction. The resistance of the
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results, both as regards the scar and the aseptic healing of the wound, have
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is a sign which indicates an early operation ; these are simple cases, and the
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effectually destroy what does not exist — at least, as
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produced by an epidemic, and epidemics usually result from a
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it gradually increased in these countries to such an extent that a few
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these indications are met better by the elastic dressing, than by an
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of coagulated albumen. The tumour on the inferior maxilla con-
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violet rays, or high frequency currents in the treatment of
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amount of blood, 4782 cubic centimetres— 5*06 kilogrammes^ ri-^ of the weight of body
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such remedies, and more especially blood-letting, were formerly
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He spit up large quantities of matter, and died after a
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in the various States by the Agricultural Experiment Sla-
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Maisonneuve " and to Pirogoff,^ the former giving to it the name " gan-
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being touched, he recommends that the use of the anaesthetic should
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parasites through the possession of haptophore groups with the proper
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weeks' duration, if due to tuberculous meningitis, would usually have been
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of Troy during the Crimean war, I found the villagers univer-
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than in the dilorate of soda, and required a mudi longer tmie for their completion. The same
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right lower lobe ; a portion of this taken for examination.
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between the ribs ; discoloration of the abdominal muscles
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