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experience is that the hemorrhage after snaring in these cases is sec-
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The difficulty connected with the treatment of this disease is
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likely to be still further extended. Those which we have chanced to encoun-
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examination, and I am disposed to believe that it was rather an
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4. The Daniel L. Shorey Traveling Fellowship in Greek, endowed by Mrs.
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them : — " Let your women keep silence in churches ; for it is not permitted
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the tent can be pitched with nine long pins on a side, or 18 in all, by
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often, and, in my opinion, probably most often, due to a mild
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not, O man, eat dirt or the crude indigestible substances that are found
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fantile mortality caused by this disease. Dr. Davis
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dorsum may be covered with discrete nodules, varying in size and
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studies of immune response, studies of host-pathogen interaction);
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instilled into the conjunctival sac and the deep injection of novocaine.
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gonorrheal ophthalmia, and classes the application of
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cord (Rokitanski, Steiner, Meynert, Dickinson) ; capillary embolism of
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in all probability it would then be too late. I went over immediately
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Respiratory System. Spontaneous absorption in empyema in
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and summer fodder and crops, all of which have to be care-
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I shall not occupy your time by entering upon any minute detail
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some of considerable size. During this period he has
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usual into the lead salts and these into free adenosinphosphoric
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Symptoms. — Children are often observed to be fretful^ for a few
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cation? How did it compare to what other people were
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at the scat of the cerebral contusion in the opposite hemisphere,
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Suppuration was present in 58 of my cases and the mortality

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