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periods of the season. In spring the principle of vegetation is ex-

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tba hand^ or takan awa^ portions of the clothing or of the

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by diarrhfea. These symptoms were associated with a widespread

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accord in some respects with those obtained by Schiff in his experiments on

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Art. XXVII. — Two Frequent Cauaes of Uterine Disease. By D. Humphreys

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the legs, just above the fetlock, with some old gunny bag, or

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and urine should be disinfected immediately and incinerated as

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9. " Sc^dii Chloridi Physiologicus — Physiological Salt

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spreads anteriorly on the fauces ; changed for the better four

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enough, no experience of chloral hydrate in this affection, and he

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tomosis. On the other hand, when a lateral anastomosis is established,

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as a small piece of membrane, dead bone or pus, not escap-

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light on the mechanism by which the conduction into and through the

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being put forth after the roots of the first are absorbed. Hence

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hospital without delay ; familiarity with the clinical features of

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stone, whereby they sapiently concluded they could convert all things

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before the draft board, and a brief observation in camp hospitals,


Asylum 450 similar specimens were prepared, but no bacilli were found.

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fissm^e. Whether there are still resident in the brain of man, cor-

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of a certain amount of stiffness in the limbs. On examination it is found

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Here you see a turtle, in which the anterior part of the shell has

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ance and the cultures were positive. In all 17 punct-

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on active duty with the army for two years, stationed

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which they are connected, and from which they originate, may be-

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event is to be noted. No pieces of decidual membrane appear

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cases there is a very excitable delirium with extreme

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On admission, the following was her state : Her head was forcibly retracted,

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article ; for if it is pure, the results will be alike.

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sheath there were inguinal glands forming a big mass, also caseo-

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Med. Zeitung, May 19, 1884) : 1. The symptom of a strongly-

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come within his experience. The first case he had seen was the one

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lesion which has lasted a long time — it may be 3'ears — Avith a subsequent

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under nine years of age ; between the ages of ten and fifteen, on the

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