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Gentlemen : I wish you to notice the gait of this man as he

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To constitute leucocythaemia, that is to say, the special disease, the

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be supplied at the office of the Institution, 37 Avon Street,

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rence one each. From cerebro-spinal meningitis, New York

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gray atrophy of the optic nerve is obvious to the naked eye ; but micro-

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" The action of thermal waters," says Hanriot, " especially if

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empiric, who, he says, frequently administered it in a

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years, have been transported to oyr shores from Europe. During this

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the one great fact that distinguishes the seventeenth

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dyspnoea was obtained only by subcutaneous injections

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tity of tuberculin and having purely a negative response to the

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was an enlarged ovary and hydro-salpinx. The case of

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when both limbs are crushed and demand amputation, I operate at once.

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on any charge, it gives them not a little satisfaction to produce for our

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was due to some constitutional irritability at the time. The

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and abscess in the subperitoneal tissues, are quite distinct from psoas

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the greatest mortality.' Dr. Eeeb particularly dwells on the per-

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The first is a letter from Dr. Farrar Cobb, Superin-

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tions, in which we have exercised much care to select

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being mentioned. The ratio of deaths to cases was about

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the testes, and the envelopes. The illustrations are half

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then if they are seated at all they must sit erect, otherwise there

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slow bony union, etc., in other words the promptings of the moment ;

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tests, particularly the Wassermann reactions, and because of a constant

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After him two great surgeons of antiquity, Aetius and

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sults. Among the types of cases in A\'hich he used this remedy he


A chill more or less definite in character usually marks the onset. The

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the onset of symptoms counts should be made every hour. If they are made

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native doctor, that when food was taken into the stomach, particles now and

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nounced first in 1882, by Koch, has so revolutionized medical

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Fiat solutio. A drop or two, diluted or not according to cir-

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act like force pumps: the right one pumps the blood

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For further particulars and circulars, address the Dean,

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the eye-glasses. Progressive surgery seems in the late years to

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derives from anatomy and physiology. The time has come when

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in tliis region, one in conjunction with Valentine Mott, in

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cost of the necessarily diseased animals which have to be destroyed

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ring, and to the needless destruction of life. Amativeness may be employed

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and lower extremities. By three years of age (and certainly

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