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then be sufficiently evident that the two wounds under observa-

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surgeons, both orthopedic and vascular, is probably one of

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public schools, and we should soon have such a mass of data

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a full account of Koch's investigations, as well as those of sub-

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the small intestines strangulated, and quite black in color. The

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years, and cannot be conferred, except provisionally, on men who have not

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of a lecture delivered quite recently by Sir Douglas Powell.

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cum axioma poffit concludere aut deter- capacitatera fenlualis vel naturalis homj-

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subjects dealt with, deserve to be enumerated, even if space does

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cut it off, then foment the part with warm water, and

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scrofulosa. The patient was a woman, aged 35, who was now under

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five of the mice he obtained cultures of what he called rotlauf bacilli. Olt (9) also

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reducing a version by position and manipulation. All versions, unless the

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over his body whenever anything was said to him, and he could

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of the shoe in its course. Though others were within a few feet

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on Roux'h nu'tliod of pcrforniiiifj ^uHtro-fiitoroHtomy.

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tain difficulty, as to what he would do — he would do

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be admitted that the knife has not proved to be the panacea in

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good condition. A similar clumping is sometimes to be seen in the

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phere, pure water, appropriate diet, and due attention to personal

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ing, and what they were good for; and, to satisfy my

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used. Exhaustive investigations by the bacteriologist, Dr Perkins, proved,

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It is desired to correct an error in the November number of the

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societies. It was expected that some proposition would be

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sure or overwork, his food was not well digested, and anorexia

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In some cases of pneumonia, especially in the early

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ment of glauds in axillae aud groius was noted, which

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this department no longer occupy the all-important place they

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iliac artery gives off its cluster of branches or on the lateral wall of

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