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" Thorax, The mucous lining of this cavity frequently presents morbid ap-

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the bladder, will perhaps be the cause of the discharge in another

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which there is no arterial obstruction, and no ilefect in the circula-

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removal of barium, the solution was concentrated to 40.0 cc, an

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treated in January, 181(8, with almost instant relief

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Angle Berries. — Warty-like excrescences, which differ

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Subscription Terms : $5.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,

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Minn. ; Tliird Vice-President, Dr. J. A. Octerlony,

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in this form of dysentery. Of these, the reports of Chantemesse and Widal,

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increase as in the male cases. In no instance of morbus cordis,

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Comment. The combination of visceral and bone syphilis is

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day the temperature was 102.5°, and the most marked alteration of the ratio

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was solid, there was no refilling, and there has been

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glans penis. In the buU and ox in the S-shaped bend of

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successfully undertake more active work in civil life with an improve-

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Now the cases in which this instrument is of use, are quite numerous.

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In the first place, it stated that the oxide of lithium, as likewise the

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it into the Parts affected : in whieli case it may do good because it can-

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above doses; if much pain is present one to two ounces of

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place, and I had nearly recovered my strength by the evening."!

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benzoin, and is an excellent article when applied to soree

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cases with the simultaneous raising of young cattle free from in-

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•5882(42) Berkeley, M. J. Handbook of British mosses.

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Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment ol Fertility. A

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peared in the field of vision, and shooting pains attacked

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so the births among the Mussulmans are on the whole

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(except the inflamed or suppurating), should be removed entire.

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tent but understandable senses. When the term diphtheritic is

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ing under the jaw. The tumor consists in a circumscribed inflam-

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Bicknell, Marguerite Elizabeth, a, Fort Wayne, Ind. A.B. (Smith C.) '16; N.Y.

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ing than the discovery that our modem surgery, of which we are

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the very valuable part-time group has increased from 55 in 1952 to 163

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pared with the portion above the obstruction. When the obstruc-

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formities of the spinal column produce a deformity of the thorax, slow,

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firmly to pieces of wood, each of about three feet long, and which

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of these strains, and the immunity reactions of all of them to the

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venture to think is sometimes overlooked by writers upon arth-

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