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substance abuse and addiction, who approach impaired physicians with advocacy and experience.

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A chill more or less definite in character usually marks the onset. The

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workers. In monarchical or parental forms of government the above

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quire a different treatment from those who are troubled with chapped

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minutes and lasted three hours, with half an hour's interval of waking ;

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Seainen. — William OlTenberg, Harry Soulier, William

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Congdon. We were tantalized by one of the miners* who exclaimed,

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of it greater, for the intending purchaser sees the evi-

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must be diminished in frequency. When the urine becomes an

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part. For carbuncles, and old and fresh sores, torn, cut

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and dysenteric discharges. May cause general infections in human beings.

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toxins. No antitoxin thus far obtained can be relied upon for therapeutic

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tunately we are, so far as I can ascertain, entirely without

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investigation. And this brings us to our own conclusions :

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sublimate were given, one before and one after exam-

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and, in certain seasons, to exhibit a great increase in its prevalence. As

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made by some dull instrument about four inches in length, and extend-

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Four; the watery and gross humours are purged by the

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There are three reasons why special care should be taken to prevent

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irregularity is hardly describable, and yet it is distinct, and

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present, the eye should be carefully examined and treated for the cure of the

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A wound exists midway between the eye and the root of

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lateral sclerosis in its clinical manifestations. Cases of the kind have

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writer has found records of hsemorrhage into the sympathetic in fatal

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