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the erector spina?, and continued forward for three

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of the heart, and in the pulse ; but I soon ascertained, that this irre-

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oesophagus, and in many the larynx is involved. Every now and then

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urethra through which the seminal fluid is discharged, when not re-

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be had by those who wish to see it, and it is such an article that

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In the neighborhood of the injury there soon appeared to be

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The Columbian Exposition has just granted seven highest awards

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contained also a gasoline stove, zinc, consiilerable

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produced were not so distinctive, either as regards their character or

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Our observations indicate that tracheobronchial tuberculosis which

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ear. The bone conduction was better than the aerial.

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These are the principles involved, bared of details which, of course,

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slowly as transparent prisms which are anhydrous. Recrystallized

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with two, ask him how he dried his shoes, his coat, nay his very

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ous organs showed that the bacilli at this stage were in the endothelial

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tion, for no compromise with dishonor, knavery or deceit, for no

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not play easily. The tendons of the various muscles concerned

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large and sunny rooms, particularly sleeping rooms,

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A scruple dose of calomel was given him in the morning, and repeat-

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months in consequence of extensive bedsores, which had com-

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cystic disease of the ovary.^-^ Before his time a possible ovarian

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oversight and skilled nursing. New buildings, a complete hydro-therapeutic equipment, elec-

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remedy for the disease. I agree with that eminent physicist,

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individual is steadily gazing at the central point.

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thinner section of the projectile, or that section which was most

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doubt, to the easy means of communication with Ireland. A memorial, drawn

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Elephant made a good stand and reference to the table will

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Hansen kept leprous blood in a moist chamber, and obtained a

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14. Bitting, A. W. : The Canning of Foods, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture,

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before the ribs are interfered with. I repeat, moreover, that the

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