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of bare feet with poisonous substances without producing such

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carefully attempted to suppress. So often is this the case,

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in which the Medical Faculty at Edinburgh was founded), did much to accelerate

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16. Beach KW, Bedford GR, Bergelin RO, et al: Progression of lower-extremity

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undergoing fatty degeneration. — Nashville Med. Jour.

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tities of lactic acid. It was only after the lapse of five

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or its frequency seems to depend on the presence of particular species of

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Fig. 48 — Dermatocoptes Equi. Female. Fig. 49 — Dermanyssus. (lien

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He shows that the grade of nutritional disturbance in the tis-

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of a gushing, hysterical, psycho-neuropathic circle and its followers, the

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practised, should be in a separate place, and carried out

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(2) Changes in the characteristics of the white cor-

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omentum nor transverse colon interfered with the finding of

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that the question arises whether we should not administer it in

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Dr. E. H. Bradford* Prof. I. N. Hollis and Dr. Myles

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