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vealed a moderate cyanosis of the vaginal mucous mem-

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the point of the commencement of that vessel. On examination,

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with the 'vasa deferentia^ there is a thick skin, whose office

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a potu; but in this form, topical depletion is imperiously necessary.

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bear a definite relationship to the metabolism curve, that when the

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long walk of 3^ miles in the coimtry and back, she had a

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Gile, J. M. Tubercular disease of the urinary apparatus, 114.

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2. Sympathetic gangUon cells of the rabbit prepared by the

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which has already suggested the instrument of M. Donne, might be again turned

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ford. The damaging effects of the voyage were very apparent; the

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* In the Review tlie word is erroneously printed veteranarae.

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unequivocal evidence of relief. On this point we wish to be the

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and consistency. The bladder wall was pliant and of

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cattle communicate this disease, when they were apparently healthy ?

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Internal Medicine. C. J. Watson: The prognosis and treatment

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time of propagation of the excitation wave in the two sides of the

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membrane, the scrapings removed, the irrigation repeated, and a

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patient should be very guarded in his wants. During

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For several months after this illness, she suffered from a

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of sensation, but for the present we cannot regard this as having been at

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piece of cloth was also found lying midway in the long sinus-like

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The Bacteriology of Swelled Canned Sardines — Wilfred Sadler, Vancou-

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In Fig. 1 7 the shadows of P and B are shown as though

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pair the magnitude of rotation was equal to that of the gluconic-man-

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night walking the floor, scratching, and crying like a child.

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are required in mortuary rites, as well as for the shocks

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But amongst all the causes of barrenness in women the

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cause such disturbances among the English as those described

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consider the ovary to be by far the most unusual site for the extra-

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his equal in many things, his superior in more, and who had been

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he was seen at 2 p.m., there was found to be a simple fracture of the

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stands perfectly well. The general practitioner is not

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more practical, and as yielding better and more uniform results, upon any scale.

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the sufferer from work for a period of time varying from

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other cases. In strangulated hernia the mortality rose, first, with

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cause I have suffered gross injustice, and wish to make a

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