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profuse shedding of tears is common in young girls.
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grade course, as does cholera nephritis in the cases that recover.
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writings. It was in vain that Legros who had made three voyages
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publication of the " Eeligio Medici," that " those that love books
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take 4 oz. isinglass dissolved in a pint of the vrine and put
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general dyscrasia. That the disease is primarily local is accepted of all
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threepenny-piece. It should be composed of pliant, sound skin.
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lations which render it imperative that less paper shall be used. All
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parents had suffered from venereal disease (Case 326, App. ix. R.C.V.)
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Such studies as the above (they may be called statistical studies)
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festations during the night were the twitchings as above described.
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deaf in the other for ten years. With left ear watch not heard
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fist of the subject, which seems to have satisfied the illustrious
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those common causes such as laryngeal inflammations, acute
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1900. No miscarriages. Patient in fine health, vegetative
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presented a unique appearance. The soft palate resembled
experimental work. The toxin of the infecting organism or virus,
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on Roux'h nu'tliod of pcrforniiiifj ^uHtro-fiitoroHtomy.
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all absolute freedom in selecting their source of supply.
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The premier AIDS ward at the All India Institute of Med-
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umbilical cord protruding from the os uteri, which was
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gradually disappear. In less severe cases complete health may be recovered
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Lewis, one of our alumni, was toastmaster, and he deserved E-plus for his wc
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instructions they give for the preservation of health,
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Contused or lacerated wounds, unless the contusion is very severe,
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Hats are found to be \\urv sus(C[)tible of plague than
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It is at this point that the Baby Welfare Nurse in any given

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